The Importance of Mobile App Testing

The main testing stage begins after the coding and launching the app. So it's comprehensible that mobile app developers do not spend too much time talking about it. However, you can do certain things before going forward: Check out the reviews on some of the apps in play store or app store every day for at least 5 minutes.
You will find that 90% of the reviews will be negative and the issue will be commonly known as bugs. These bugs happen to be in the app because they weren't picked up or checked prior to the launch. If you are a developer or a beginner, you need to understand that nothing kills an app faster than bugs. So it is wiser totest mobile app before deploying and ensure its robustness after testing vigorously.
How do you test a mobile app?
The primary thing to test is systems and integration testing. You need to make sure before deploying that you test a number of things which includes, how the application and any connected technologies function. You can check this whe…